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Establishment of the Safety Council of Trinidad and Tobago

The Safety Council of Trinidad and Tobago was established in 1986 as the National Safety Council of Trinidad and Tobago. It became incorporated by Parliament under Act No.28 of 1999 (Click here to read the PDF document) as a non-profit NGO with the vision to be the leading, non-governmental, privately supported, public service organization for the promotion of all aspects of health, safety and environmental protection in Trinidad and Tobago. In this regard our workshops and seminars over the years have been oversubscribed.



From inception of the OSH Authority, the Council has had representation on the Board of the OSH Authority. The Safety Council of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to the dissemination of information on codes, best safety management practices, environmental sustainability, skills and technologies for safety and accident prevention and this has been the principal purpose for our meetings and various training programmes over the years.


The Aims and Objectives of the Council are as follow:

  • To assist regulatory agencies in formulating health, safety and environmental policies.
  • To articulate the Council’s position on national issues concerning safety and the environment.
  • To collate and analyse safety performance data and to encourage the effective exchange of information and experiences.
  • To initiate action, advise on, recommend and comment on national health, safety and welfare issues.
  • To form and maintain alliances and/or relationships with other national, regional and international organizations with similar objectives.
  • To seek representative on national, regional and international bodies with similar objectives.
  • To promote the continuous advancement of safety and accident prevention technology.
  • To encourage professionalism and competence among the membership and safety professionals.
  • To develop awareness of relevant safety and environmental legal requirements, codes and practices.
  • To advance the Council and its theme – “Make Safety a Way of Life”

The Council also provides a forum for networking with other safety professionals and organizations. It can boast that it is the only statutory organization in Trinidad and Tobago that is dedicated to promoting safety and the continuing interests of safety practitioners.