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The Safety Council is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation with the vision to be the leading, non-governmental, privately supported, public service organization for the promotion of all aspects of occupational health, safety and environmental protection in Trinidad and Tobago. In this regard our workshops and seminars over the years have been noted.

More recently the Council has been promoting an outreach compliance program on the Occupational Safety and Health Act No. 1, 2004 (as amended) aimed at assisting both member and non-member establishments to meet or exceed the requirements of the Act. The feedback is very positive and we would like to share the experience with your establishment.


Our Services Include

Training for all levels of the workforce The OSH Act specifies duties for all levels of employees at industrial establishments. Our training programs target each level, Management, Supervision and general employees.

The Council presents seminars and workshops designed to inform and educate participants in key areas that will benefit safety and health in their workplaces. The presentations focus on safety management techniques used to meet and exceed the requirements of the Act.


Topics covered by SCTT

  • Overview of the OSH Act
  • OSH Committee – Roles / Responsibilities
  • Right to Refuse Dangerous Work
  • Emergency Response
  • Reporting and Recording Requirements
  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment
  • Navigating the Act
  • Managing safety and health issues
  • Environmental Protection

Topics are delivered using Power Point presentations in a manner that encourages participation by attendees


Conducting Risk Assessment

The “cornerstone” of the OSH Act is the conducting of an annual Risk Assessment. Our experienced operatives will assist in the conducting and documenting of the Risk Assessment. Methods applied make it easy to repeat assessments each year to satisfy the requirements of the Act.


Safety-Technical Advice for Compliance

The structure of the workplace and other requirements of the Act demand safety-technical advice that can be delivered to support your ongoing compliance with the Act.


Consultancy Services

  • Emergency Response Preparedness
  • Evacuation Route Charts
  • Conducting Drills
  • Certificates
  • Notices
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • Fire Extinguisher Selection and Place
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Recycle programs


HSE Audits

It is important that an owner or occupier of an establishment knows that he/she is in compliance and will continue to be in compliance with all aspects of the OSH Act. The Council will conduct audits that will identify any gaps and make recommendations to close these gaps. Audits may take the form of workplace or equipment inspections or full scale HSE Management System Audits Incident Investigation A key intervention to prevent the recurrence of Incidents is the proper investigation to identify root cause. The Council’s experienced operatives will apply proper investigation techniques and provide detailed recommendations. Mentoring New Safety Practitioners Many young persons are drawn to the safety profession. After having attended numerous courses they still have difficulty in applying the leanings in a satisfactory manner in the workplace. The Council offers these persons an opportunity to work alongside an experienced practitioner to develop the skills of effective applying their knowledge.


HSE Management System Development & Implementation

It is necessary to have an operating management system to maintain the requirements of occupational health, safety and environment. The Council will direct the development and implementation of such a system and monitor its performance for an agreed period. This process begins with a detailed gap analysis to make full use of existing conditions. Presenters and operatives All presenters and operatives are trained mature practitioners with at least ten years experience. Some of the services are conducted by affiliates to the Council. Careful scrutiny is exercised when the choice of an affiliate is being made.

If you are intested in any of our service or would like to request more information, please contact us.